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As the healthcare needs of our world continue to grow, so does the understanding of how the body functions.  No longer can we rely solely on diagnoses or short term treatments to achieve the health goals we seek. Rather it is increasingly necessary to dig deep into how the body functions and become aware of the patterns of behavior our bodies show us.  Once we can understand where function is not optimal, we can begin to see a path to balance and wellness.  This is the path our bodies seek as they work to resolve symptoms and maintain homeostasis.

The programs with Inspiring Health NC exist to provide insight for clients on these patterns and functions of the body.  This education empowers them to not only achieve but sustain an environment of healing and health.  Because we are all different we all need different lifestyle changes put in place to stay at our best health! Our programs offer in depth education and understanding about how a unique body is functioning and what tools may be able to be used for greater health and wellness. With the right information and support, it IS possible to overcome chronic health issues and enjoy life with vibrancy and abundance! Join me today to discover more about what healing opportunities may await!



About Lisa

Lisa Kamont is a Board Certified Functional Health Consultant and International Integrative Nutrition Practitioner. She works to empower clients to put together the confusing puzzle pieces of chronic health dynamics in order to support them on their unique path to healing. Clients who may be struggling with their health often feel at their wits end and are unsure where to turn to find the true root cause of their health concerns. As a Functional Health consultant, Lisa is a highly dedicated partner to her clients so that they may be empowered to put strategies in place to reach their health goals.

Education and Training: 

After completing her BA in Human Resources from Michigan State University and Masters in Psychology from Walden University, Lisa’s personal and professional life took a turn toward holistic health.  She has experienced drastic personal health transformations in the process of recovering from autoimmune and other chronic health conditions, and seeks to empower others to do the same. Lisa is certified with: 

The Academy of Naturopathic and Functional Wellness with Board Certification through the American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners 

– The School for Applied Functional Medicine

– The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and The International Association for Health Coaches 

Her personal experience and professional training has allowed her to gain a wide perspective of functional health in order to support clients on the path to greater health that is right for them.

In addition to extensive training on foundational health principles, Lisa has completed 1500+ hours of specific Functional health training coursework and case evaluations from the above institutions which has included:

  • Extensive labwork/blood chemistry patterns and interpretation
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)
  • Gut/digestive health and microbiome testing interpretation (GI map, GI Effects)
  • Cellular metabolism and Organic Acids Testing interpretation
  • Supplementation and nutrition plus food inflammation and Spectracell testing interpretation
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Reversing metabolic dysfunction
  • Hormones and DUTCH testing interpretation
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Thyroid and adrenal
  • Mind/Body connetion
  • Asthma and allergies
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Bone health

Programs with Inspiring Health NC allow clients to receive unique and extensive education and inspiration toward a more abundant and empowered lifestyle!

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